The Portland Vintage & Custom Knife Show is a relatively recent addition to our slate of Antique & Collectible and Holiday Shows. The Knife Show is still growing but offers about 50 tables of vintage bladed objects, custom knives and the artisans who make them. While it has its own space and identity, it shares the same building with a 900 booth Antique Show that has plenty of military, sports, cast iron cookware, fishing along with pop culture, fine antiques, jewelry, furniture and other interesting old things.

Some of the Knife makers and Vintage Knife dealers who have done the show come from Alaska to West Virginia and we look forward to seeing them in October. Here are just a few of the exhibitors who came from Alaska to West Virginia to be a part of this last year: TDB Knives, Bromley Knives, Chuck Cook Scout Knives, 5 Elements Forge, Hawthorne Cutlery, AC Richards Custom Knives, Wild Boar Blades, B Todd Knives, RW Wilson Knives, Dan Leeper Knives Alaska fossil knives, G Leonard Thompson Designs, Rocco Chicarilli Custom Knives, Carter Cutlery, A Warren Custom Knives, Fine Turnage Productions, R Wood Craft, DLB Inc., Daniel Wolfe Designs, Get The Edge, RP Jensen, Cutlery Collectors and more.

If you are considering becoming a part of the show: An 8’ table is $110 for the weekend. The show sets up on Friday, October 27 and the public hours are 9 to 6 on Saturday and 10 to 4 on Sunday. The Antique Show is in its 37th year and all of our regular patrons know about the Knife Show since we dedicate a hefty portion of our ad budget to it. The Knife Show is included in all of our broadcast advertising, print ads, postcard mailing (to 15,000 previous attendees), print ads, social media and email blasts. We also advertise in Blade Magazine, Knife Magazine and the Oregon Knife Collectors’ Knewsletter. We’ll also be adding Forged In Fire to our list of broadcast shows. If you’ve never been to Portland, Oregon, it’s a beautiful area and in a typical year, late October offers an Indian summer as the leaves turn.

The Portland Knife Show may be a good reason to come out to the Pacific Northwest. Please feel free to contact us if you’d like to receive information on being a part of this show. We’ll be updating this page as we form the October Show. We can be reached at 503-282-0877 or We’re available Monday through Friday from 9 to 4:30 PST.

Happy forging,

Chris Palmer

Portland Vintage & Custom Knife Show