Expo March 7 & 8, 2020 ,July 11 & 12, 2020 and Oct. 24 & 25, 2020

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About The Show:

The first show at the Expo Center was held in 1981 and evolved into three shows per year. The Portland Shows are the largest on the schedule and because of the many exhibitors who come from out of the Portland area, draws the highest attendance.  Particularly for the summer show in July, it is very typical to see customers from Japan, Canada and Germany as well as about every state in the U.S. The content is typical of our events in that we cover items from the mid-1880s to the early 1970s. We like to think we are all things to all people and to some degree that is the case. That translates into having cool things for the 35 year old who remembers G.I. Joe, Star Trek and Fisher Price as well as the baby boomer who wants to connect to the things that were around when they were in their teens.  You’ll also see traditional vintage items such as sterling flatware, smalls, rare books, advertising and the like.  Other popular categories such as vintage clothing, decorative items and estate jewelry are also very present.

We welcome new exhibitors and even though this is a very large show, we make it an easy one to do. In October we offer 1,000 booths and the gargantuan summer show in July holds 1,400 booths with the addition of 400 outside booths. As an exhibitor, the Expo Center is a pretty easy setup. Our ad budget is north of $75,000 per show, spent on television, radio, print, direct mail, email and social media. There are two halls (named Halls E and D). We take admission at each of them.  Because the parking lot is not quite large enough to hold both exhibitors and customers, we rent the lot at the Portland Meadows Horse Race track about a mile away and ask that all exhibitors park there. We charge $6 for the weekend and provide coach shuttles to take you back and forth on a continuous basis. This lot is also an alternative for customers who would like to pay less than $10 to park in the Expo lot, so it all works out. Those with disabilities are accommodated so it’s the most convenient.

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